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The most international debit card in the world.

Wise card

Spend abroad with the real exchange rate. No markups, no sneaky transaction fees.

Wherever you go, this card has your back.

You can pay with your Wise card almost everywhere debit cards are accepted.

You could save up to 85% when you spend internationally.

If you have the local currency in your account, the Wise card will use it. If not, it will auto-convert your money at the real rate, for a tiny fee. Either way, it’s much cheaper than old-school bank cards, both online and in person.

Take out up to £200 in cash a month for free.

The Wise card takes the worry out of using ATMs abroad. You pay only a super-low fee on withdrawals after the first £200.

Use Google or Apple Pay straight away.

No need to wait for the physical card. And you can start shopping with a digital card, too. It works just like the physical card, but exists only on your phone or laptop. Create a new one any time.

Order a card in just 5 minutes.

Send the money from your online banking

Open a free account in minutes.

Get the best rate

Order a card for a one-time £7 fee.

Directly from Wise’s local bank account

Start spending with a digital card.

Rest easy. Your money's safe.

The Wise app showing where to freeze or defrost your Wise card.

Freeze and unfreeze your card instantly.

A phone showing an image of the Wise digital card.

Generate new digital cards for extra peace of mind.

Get notifications for every transaction.

Don’t take our word for it.

With over 140,000 reviews on Trustpilot, our average score is 4.6 out of 5.

Five golden starts

While I’m living abroad this card saves me so much!


Five golden starts

I am using wise for 3 years now. I’m using the Wise debit card for everyday use. It is a great experience.


Five golden starts

I find using the Wise service so convenient and taking my Wise Card means I have resource just about anywhere I ever go in the world.


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Do more with Wise.

Get the account as worldly as you.

Open a Wise account

Send money abroad at the real rate.

Send money now

Get your money working for you.

Grow your money

You're in good hands.

Send the money from your online banking

FCA regulated

We're authorised and regulated by the FCA.

Get the best rate

Real live support.

Our team is ready to help in 14 languages.

Directly from Wise’s local bank account

State-of-the-art protection.

Including advanced encryption and 2FA.